I am thrilled to share with you my latest artwork, “Kalinda.” Measuring 42 x 59 cm on 300gsm paper, this piece is a true labour of love, blending watercolors and ink into a harmonious and intricate design.

“Kalinda” features a stylised depiction of a woman, where vibrant watercolors meet intricate line work. The woman’s face, an elegant palette of white, contrasts beautifully with her dark, expressive eyes and lips. These features are meticulously detailed, bringing a delicate grace to her visage. Her dark hair is a canvas in itself, adorned with an array of colorful flowers and butterflies, adding a whimsical and natural element to the composition.

The details in this piece are extensive, with a variety of colors and shapes blending seamlessly to create a dynamic and lively atmosphere. The bold contrasts of red, orange, blue, and green invigorate the scene, while the slightly abstract butterflies and flowers surrounding the woman add a sense of movement and natural beauty. The end result is a vibrant, engaging piece that invites the viewer to explore and get lost in its beauty.

Kalinda Background

The inspiration for “Kalinda” comes from the strong female protagonists in various TV series I have binge-watched. In this case I have named the painting after the character “Kalinda” in the TV series “The Good Wife“. These characters leave such an impression on me with their strength and depth, though the artwork is not meant to be a direct representation of their appearance or attire. Instead, the names serve as a muse, a reminder of the impact these fictional characters had during my viewing experience.

The creation process of “Kalinda” follows my art practice in that it incorporates elements of art nouveau within a contemporary canvas. This blend of styles allows for a fresh, timeless quality that I hope resonates with viewers.

I invite you to explore “Kalinda” and connect with the vibrant energy and detailed intricacy that I have poured into it. Each element of this piece is a testament to my passion for blending styles and finding inspiration in the strength of fictional characters.

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