“Alison” – Soccer Mum

Allow me to introduce “Alison,” the latest addition to my series of paintings inspired by the TV series Orphan Black. This piece measures 40 cm x 40 cm and was created using watercolour and ink pens on 300 gsm paper.

“Alison” stands out as a stylised and vibrant portrayal of a woman who exudes serenity and contemplation. Her fair skin and dark, flowing hair are adorned with an intricate and colorful array of flowers, leaves, and butterflies, creating a beautiful juxtaposition of nature and femininity. Her face is rendered with a smooth, ethereal quality, heightened by her prominent red lips and expressive eyes.

The background of the piece is a complex and abstract composition filled with various shapes and colors, predominantly in shades of red, orange, green, and yellow. This lively and dynamic contrast serves to elevate the woman’s calm demeanor even further. In the foreground, her delicate hand reaches out, and a variety of colored squares and forms can be seen, adding layers of complexity and richness to the entire scene.

Overall, “Alison” has a whimsical and fantastical quality that blends elements of nature and humanity with an artistic, almost surreal flair. This painting is a combination of abstract realism and art nouveau, presented in a contemporary style.

Alison Background

The inspiration for “Alison” came from the character Alison in Orphan Black. This piece follows “Sarah,” the first painting in my series. I have maintained a consistent posture and features throughout the series but have made subtle changes to signify each character, rather than creating exact replicas as seen in the TV series.

Creating “Alison” was a unique journey. By combining abstract realism with art nouveau in a contemporary style, I aimed to push the boundaries of traditional portraiture and explore the intricate relationship between nature and human emotion. The result is a vibrant, fantastical piece that invites viewers to lose themselves in its rich complexity.

I hope you find “Alison” to be as captivating and vibrant as I intended. This work represents a blend of inspirations and styles that have come together to create something truly unique. It is a celebration of character, nature, and the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.

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