Octavia The Red Queen

This is my latest artwork, titled “Octavia The Red Queen.” Measuring 40 cm by 40 cm, this piece was created using watercolour and ink pens on 300gsm paper, offering a rich texture and vibrant finish.

“Octavia The Red Queen” is a stylised, abstract portrayal of a woman emanating strength and a sense of menance. Her elongated neck and shoulders are adorned with intricate decorative patterns and delicate hues. But perhaps the most striking feature is her hair – an exuberant explosion of butterflies, flowers, and geometric designs that blend seamlessly in a harmonious palette of reds, blues, yellows, and greens. Her red top, detailed with abstract black flower overlays, enhances her regal appearance. Dripping lines and splatter effects lend the artwork a dynamic and somewhat surreal atmosphere, merging organic and imaginative motifs in a way that is both captivating and unique.

Octavia The Red Queen Background

The inspiration behind this piece stems from the character Octavia in the TV series “The 100”, one of the most memorable characters. However, rather than replicating the character outright, I chose to draw upon the essence of strong female protagonists. The result is a fusion of art nouveau, abstraction, and surrealism, paying homage to the resilience and complexity of these inspiring figures.

Creating “Octavia The Red Queen” was a journey of blending various artistic styles and experimenting with textures and patterns. Each stroke and splash was a step towards capturing the interplay between strength and elegance, resulting in a piece that feels both otherworldly and deeply grounded.

I hope “Octavia The Red Queen” resonates with viewers as much as it did with me during its creation, embodying both the power and grace of its muse.

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