Cosima – The Scientist

Let me introduce you to my latest creation: “Cosima.” This piece is a 40 cm x 40 cm watercolor and ink pen artwork on 300 gsm paper, reflecting a unique blend of artistic influences.

“Cosima” is a contemporary portrait of a woman with particularly distinct features. Her deep red lips make a striking contrast against her skin, and her glasses add an intellectual allure to the portrait. But what truly sets her apart is her hair. Adorned with vibrant orange and blue flowers, delicate butterflies, and various abstract designs, her hair is practically a canvas within a canvas. The background enriches the composition with its mix of geometric shapes and organic forms, rendered in a harmonious blend of colors that add both complexity and depth.

This artwork walks on a fine line between realism and abstraction. While her face and features are detailed and lifelike, the surrounding elements and background invite the viewer to interpret and imagine. I selectively incorporated elements from art nouveau and abstract figurative art, aiming to draw the viewer into a visually captivating experience.

Cosima Background

The inspiration behind “Cosima” comes from Cosima, a character in the TV series Orphan Black. This painting is the fourth in a series where I experiment with consistent posture and features while making subtle changes to signify each character. Though inspired by these characters, my series doesn’t aim for exact replication. Instead, I explore my interpretation of their essence and individuality.

Creating “Cosima” was a labour of love that required meticulous attention to detail and a creative infusion of artistic styles. I wanted each element, each stroke, and each color to have its own story while contributing to the overall narrative of the piece.

I hope “Cosima” speaks to you as profoundly as creating it did for me. It’s a piece that invites you to lose yourself in its details and to discover something new each time you view it.

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