Contemporary Art Nouveau Art

Contemporary Art Nouveau

These Contemporary Art Nouveau paintings are a fusion of traditional art and AI (artificial intelligence).

The Process

The first step is by prompting Midjourney (AI) to provide a set composition of unique patterns, shapes, and color schemes. These digital designs serve as the foundation for what will become a tangible piece of art. I then transfer the general outlines of the AI composition onto paper, a process that bridges the gap between the virtual and the physical world. The main features of the drawing are then outlined in ink

Then comes the application of blocks of watercolor paints. The fluidity and transparency of watercolors bring a new dimension to the artwork, infusing it with life and vibrancy. The colors blend and bleed in ways that are serendipitous and sometimes unpredictable, much like the process of creation itself.

With pen and ink, I then add intricate details that AI alone could not achieve. The abstract nature and irregularity of the lines, the depth of the textures, and the personal touch of the artist’s hand elevate the work from a mere printout to a piece of fine art.

I enjoy this artistic method that is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between human creativity and technological advancement. It shows that AI can be a partner in the creative process, providing a starting point from which human imagination can soar.

About Steve Mason

Born in 1951, Steve’s journey into the art world is a testament to his passion and dedication to his craft. His career trajectory is as colorful and varied as his paintings, having worked in various industries before retiring as an ICT Manager at a local hospice. However, it is his lifelong devotion to creating artworks that has defined his true calling.

Education has also played a significant role in Steve Mason’s artistic evolution. Completing a BA Fine Art degree course in 2021 at Northbrook College, Sussex, it opened his eyes to new possibilities and challenges. His degree show, featuring charcoal drawings related to family members during the Covid lockdown, showcased his versatility and a newfound ability to capture emotion and intimacy. More recently he has begun working with watercolours and inks to extend his repertoire, finding these mediums compliment his current journey.

Mason’s contributions to the local art scene are noteworthy, with membership in the Adur Art Collective and participation in community artwork projects. His exhibited works at venues like the Montague Gallery Worthing, Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester and the Skyway Gallery in Shoreham-by-Sea, along with themed exhibitions at St Mary de Haura, have cemented his presence in the Sussex art community.

Steve Mason’s story is one of transformation, a journey from the aisles of Woolworths in the 1960’s to the galleries of Sussex, proving that it is never too late to follow one’s artistic aspirations. His work stands as an inspiration to aspiring artists and art enthusiasts alike, reminding us that art is not just about the final piece but the journey and the myriad experiences that shape it.