Elizabeth – More Than A Secretary

I’d like to share the story behind my latest artwork, “Elizabeth.” This piece measures 42 x 59 cm and is crafted using watercolour and ink pens on 300gsm paper, evolving into a unique blend of realism and abstract elements.

“Elizabeth” showcases a woman with expressive eyes set against a vibrant, colorful background. Her hair is an enchanting tangle adorned with colorful butterflies and flowers, invoking a sense of whimsy and nature’s beauty. The simplicity of her attire provides a compelling contrast to the intricate, dynamic background filled with abstract patterns and flowers. Bold lines interwoven with splashes of watercolor breathe life into the composition, creating a seamless blend between the subject and her environment.

One of the unique aspects of creating this painting was its sideways pose, marking the second time I explored this perspective with a figure. Additionally, I incorporated elements from art nouveau symbolism, merging it with abstract realism. This fusion aimed to imbue the artwork with a timeless elegance, complemented by a contemporary twist.

Elizabeth Background

The inspiration for “Elizabeth” comes from the TV series Madam Secretary, specifically the lead female protagonist, Elizabeth McCord. While the painting is not a direct likeness, it channels the strength and charisma of this inspiring character. This artwork is part of a series dedicated to leading female protagonists, each piece a tribute to the powerful roles played by women in various narratives.

As with each piece I create, the painting is a journey of blending inspiration, symbolisms, and artistic expression, resulting in a composition that tells its own captivating story.

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