Lucy – Fallout Inspiration

I am thrilled to share my latest artwork, “Lucy.” This 42 x 59 cm piece, created using watercolour and ink pens on 300gsm paper, represents a significant milestone in my artistic journey.

“Lucy” is a vividly colored portrait of a woman, meticulously crafted in a contemporary manner. Her face, strikingly pale with bold red lips, draws immediate attention, while her large, expressive eyes invite viewers into her world. One of the unique aspects of Lucy is her hair, which seamlessly blends into the kaleidoscopic background. Adorned with large flowers and butterflies, her hair adds a fantastical element to the piece. The background itself is a riot of vibrant colors and abstract shapes, incorporating even more flowers, plants, and butterflies. This combination of realism in the figure’s face with abstract and illustrative elements creates a visually arresting piece that I am particularly proud of.

One distinctive aspect of creating this painting was my decision to portray the central character in a sideways profile, a first in my artistic endeavors. This choice allowed me to explore new angles and perspectives, bringing an added layer of depth and intrigue to the portrait.

Lucy Background

Inspired by the character Lucy MacLean from the Amazon series Fallout, this painting pays homage not as a direct likeness but as an artistic interpretation drawn from her compelling persona. “Lucy” is also part of a larger series of paintings centered around leading female protagonists, celebrating their strength and unique stories.

The painting stands as a testament to the blend of realism and abstraction, inviting viewers into a world where colors and forms dance in harmony. It is my hope that this artwork will not only capture imaginations but also encourage deeper appreciation for the powerful female figures who inspire so many of us.

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